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Our Mission Statement: 
We serve, without judgment and with compassion, single mothers who have left abusive relationships. Our goal is to show them the community and body of the Church, when they otherwise are not finding it. We show the love of Christ to the down-trodden, broken-hearted and oppressed. We serve spiritual widows and orphans.


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Staff Members

Rachel Gill, Executive Director

Rachel counts it a privilege to serve as executive director, helping GHW bridge the gap between churches and domestic abuse victims educationally and financially. 

In addition, she facilitates and develops curriculum for Give Her Wings Academy, an online domestic abuse education program for Christian people-helpers. Rachel and her three children enjoy laughing together and working their way through book series. In her free time, she enjoys the performing arts as a welcome refreshment in the midst of heavy topics.

Audrey Hermle, Director of Intake

Audrey is the Director of Intake for Give Her Wings. She is a mom of seven, has served on the Give Her Wings ministry team for over four years and has been heart-fully walking alongside women from abusive relationships over the past twenty years.

Audrey is a retired home school mom, a certified birth doula (ICBD) and a volunteer mentor to other doulas in her local hospital. She loves cooking, Pilates and being Gramma. She has been married to Chuck Hermle for over forty years.

Michelle Faro, Director of Giving Ministry

Michelle is the Director of Giving Ministry. Michelle has been serving as a ministry team member for Give Her Wings for several years. Before that, she had developed a soft spot for GHW mamas and enjoyed supporting the many campaigns. As a single mom herself, she knew how much it meant to her to be remembered at special times throughout the year by supportive friends and family and wanted mamas to know that they were seen, loved and remembered as well. When not at work, Michelle loves to just be home. Always in comfy clothes, always with candles lit and music on. Doing whichever domestic goddess duties need to get done or just relaxing. She shares her home with her 17 year old daughter, 2 cats and many foster kittens that have come and gone on to be adopted over the past few years.

Volunteer Members

Matilda "Tillie" Weekly, Outreach Volunteer

Tillie is an outreach volunteer. As a Licensed Massage Therapist for thirteen years, a medical administrator for ten years and a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from the University of Tennessee, Tillie has devoted her life to the wellness of those around her. Tillie believes in the network of flawed and strong women supporting one another; she recognizes our male allies. She is the lover of small creatures, human and animal. She may also be part spider as she loves flying through the air on strings. She cooks MCs like a pound of bacon.

Cindy King, Intake Volunteer

Cindy is an Intake Volunteer. Working towards her certification in Christian couching for the oppressed in abusive marriages/relationships. I’m honored to be a part of the Give Her Wings ministry. “The Lord continues opening doors for exactly where he wants me, and I give him all the glory on this journey.” She believes the Lord truly brings us beauty from our ashes (Isaiah 61:3) and that, that beauty is the healing and grace we receive thru HIM. Cindy has a deep love for all of our sweet mamas.

Lynn Searl, Intake Volunteer

 Lynn was in the first class of Give Her Wings Academy and is now an Intake Volunteer! A registered nurse with a specialty in home infusion, Lynn desires to help women who have experienced abuse because of lived experience. “My “special” experience was being married to a pastor for 5 years. I think it’s awesome how so many of us have lived through different forms of abuse and come out of it wanting to help others climb out of their own hell”. She spends her spare time taking care of her best doggie Maya, a “pomchi “, loves to travel, and is looking forward to retirement in a few years. Lynn has three grown children and three grandchildren, whom she loves spending time with. 

Board Members

Chuck Hermle, Board President

Chuck has been with Give Her Wings for over two years and currently serves as President of the Board since 2020. Coupled with a degree in Production Agriculture, he is a 5th generation farmer, serves his community as a volunteer firefighter and as a deacon in his church. Chuck has served Give Her Wings mamas focusing on practical needs along with his wife, Audrey. Chuck is a father of seven and is affectionately known as “Papa” to his loving grandchildren. In his spare time, Chuck is a hockey fan as both a spectator and participant. He loves building construction and can repair almost anything.

Megan Parocha, MSW

Megan has an MSW (Master’s in clinical social work) with certificates in trauma-focused CBT, understanding addiction, school social work and mediation. Megan wrote most of her graduate level papers on the dynamics of abuse and received an award in social justice in graduate school for her protection order case changing Colorado State law to protect survivors. Megan was extremely blessed to have discovered Give Her Wings through her grandmother three years ago and was able to use the Give Her Wings scholarship to fix her car so that she could complete graduate school and get to work. Megan volunteers in policy meetings with Violence Free Colorado to continue working on changing state law to protect survivors of IPV. Megan recently started her own non-profit called Survivor’s United Network which aims to provide free, community-based support group therapy for survivors and eventually provide shelter and housing for women. Megan is a proud mother of a wonderful and brave daughter and enjoys distance running and playing with her dog.

Donna Rudy

Donna considers it a calling and a joy to serve on the Board. Apart from her relationship with Jesus Christ, Donna’s next most important relationship is to her husband, Ken, her faithful friend, and a devoted husband for almost 59 years of marriage. She is also a mother of two. She is also the grandmother of four granddaughters, three grandsons, three step-grandchildren & a lovely great-granddaughter! She delights in each one of them and prays for them regularly.
Serving on the board of Give Her Wings is very close to her heart in several ways. Having grown up in an abusive home and seeing the results of various kinds of abuse in her own family, she is eager to help and serve those dear ones that have had to escape abuse and begin new lives often with no support from family members or the local church. And most often, lacking financial resources to begin life anew.
Her other desire is to help educate the church about the devastating effects of abuse and to help them take responsibility to care for and love these Mommas and their children. Donna considers it a calling and a joy to serve in this way.

Gina Jackson

Gina has a Master’s degree in Counseling from the Townsend Institute at Concordia University and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate.  She is on staff as a full-time therapist in the state of Indiana.  She loves the field of counseling and is passionate about helping others heal from their past trauma.  Through her own story, she has experienced help and healing from an abusive marriage and abusive church system.  She loves helping other women find and use their voice to discover the life they were created to live.  She is committed to growth as a life-long goal, and meets weekly, in two groups with other therapists, who each do their own work and growth.

Gina is on the Leadership team at her local church and is passionate about helping others see the heart of God that is passionate to help and heal the hearts of the broken, oppressed, lonely, and weak.  She was introduced to Give Her Wings through a wonderful mama and her kids, who lived with her family for six months, to help support that mama on her journey toward healing.  She LOVES this organization and its mission, which beats with the heart of God to help mamas in their journey to rediscover hope and find healing

Gina has four adult children whom she loves deeply, and two wonderful grandchildren.  In her spare time, she loves reading, listening to growth podcasts, walking, football, and getting together with friends and family.

John Buechner

I have always loved Colossians 1:15-20. It is so important for me to always remember that Jesus Christ has complete supremacy over all things, and that all things were created by him and for him, and that he is before all things. In him, all things hold together.  

John has been the pastor for the Presbyterian Church of Broomfield for over 7 years. A Seattle Pacific University Political Science graduate, John has also completed a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Colorado, and a Master of Divinity degree from Denver Seminary in 2008. John served as the Pastor for Pinewood Springs Community Church near Estes Park, for 5 years before coming to Broomfield. He was the founder of The Mercy Project Colorado, a 501©3 organization working to assist those who are providing restoration to girls rescued out of sex trafficking. John is married to Lori and they have three grown children and three grandchildren.


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