Are you interested in the long haul -- companioning the oppressed? 

We have worked hard coordinating the most educated, abuse-informed & theologically trained instructors, wisest counselors & compassionate advocates to pack this 12-month class with everything you need to support survivors in your sphere of influence. Plus bonuses! 

We offer classes twice a year, in March and September.

Enrollment for our March 2023-24 class is now open for a limited time!

Apply now!

1 - Sign up for Give Her Wings ACADEMY 12-month cohort & get instant access to:


12 month long abuse & theologically informed curriculum units, case studies & survivor stories.


Add to your level of expertise, quality of care and professional resume with a GHWA certificate, given upon completion of course.


Pastors, counselors & advocates who get certified & vetted will be added to our "Recommended Safe Spaces" list for networking & survivor support purposes.

2 - As a member, your 12 months of study are divided into 3 units. Each unit consists of 16 weeks.

3 - How it Works


Our next class begins March 5, 2023!

Every week you will receive an email from us letting you know the weekly lesson has been released.

* lessons are interviews between past and present GHW team members and one of the instructors shown here, or on our about page.

the video lessons remain accessible throughout the course duration. After the 12 months, access to the videos ends. However, at the end of the course, students will be given the opportunity to purchase lifetime access to the material at a large discount.

* only materials needed are a journal & pen. 

Complete the weekly video & reading assignment, and discuss the weekly journal questions within the private online Facebook group.

Bonus material will be released throughout the month, such as survivor stories & case studies.

Enjoy optional monthly Zoom meet-ups in small groups, to further discuss the lessons with fellow class members from across the country (and world!).

Upon completion of the videos, reading assignments, & weekly journal questions within your cohort, we will present you with your Give Her Wings Academy domestic abuse education certificate of completion at the end of the 12-month period. 

Note: If you're a domestic abuse survivor, we recommend that you be divorced two years before applying, and that you first start processing your trauma with a trauma-informed therapist or trauma-focused support group as some of the material can be very triggering, and join us in a future cohort after that is underway.

Two of our sponsors offer trauma-informed support groups: Leslie Vernick's Conquer program, and Natalie Hoffman's Flying Free group.

We believe survivors make some of the best advocates and we would never want to hinder your healing by pushing you too fast too soon.

Do you want to become part of the solution?

Countless sufferers of abuse are coming forward and looking for help and change. And they don't know where to turn or who to trust. Our course will fully equip you to be able to come alongside hurting women and walk this dark forest of complicated grief, pain, suffering and loss.

"As a lead pastor of 40 years and counselor out of necessity, I have seen abuse in marriage rise to epidemic proportions. Sadly, most clergy and churches are oblivious as to how to best identify and help those living in the Catch 22, guilt, fear, shame, embarrassment, or terror of such abusive relationships. Give Her Wings Academy is better equipping me with the awareness, sensitivity, and knowledge to be of more help in such situations."

Tim Vaughn
Lead Pastor

Are you ready to start learning & helping?

Learn from these outstanding instructors for 12 months with a cohort of others with a heart for the suffering! Cost is $39.99/month or a one-time payment of $399 and save $80! Your tuition will go directly to help the mothers and children supported by Give Her Wings, Inc.

March 2023-24 class begins in









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